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  1. Calab's Avatar
    I've got a 3G iPhone and I'm looking for some in-ear headphones to replace the Apple ones. The Apple ones won't stay in my ears. Unfortunately, "headphones" is a "common" word, so I can't use it to search here.

    So, does anyone offer a decent set of in-ear headphones with a microphone? Can you get wired headphones that have "next track", "pause" and "play"?

    2008-11-05 01:41 AM
  2. stash459's Avatar
    i know what you looking 4!!!! get the v-moda perfect next track pause play and of course mic real real loud!!i got theme 3 month ago.. but they will cost you 100$ bucks but they worth it every dollar they real loud.. just google v-moda professional type...if you really want good headphones...
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    stash459 june30 2007 iphone like $700 playboy!
    2008-11-05 02:19 AM