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    Iphone v1.1.4 already jailbroken.

    Ok I was using the new iphone pc suite version an I was installing new apps an games. I notice I tried installing swirlymms and ants and when I restartedmy iphone it messed at logo screen but I got it working by connecting it to my computer then i uninstalled all the apps I use iphone pc suite to install. An now my Iphone isnt not detectiong my sim car service provider, it only shows the low signal bar but not the service provider name an when I call my simcard number it goes striaght to voicemail an when trying to call off my iphone it does not do anything when I pressed the call button. Also my volume is up to the loudest an I dont hear a thing even when I try use ipod, I dont know wat to do to fix it an I really dont want to restore my phone an delete everything. Can anyone help me please?
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    2008-11-05 04:29 AM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    just update to 2.1 and forget about 1.1.4 really....
    2008-11-05 04:47 AM
  3. Smileydawg's Avatar
    Lol but I will end up losing everything I have on it already an more apps are compatible with 1.1.4. But are there any big advantages in 2.1 or higher? Except security but I still neds help wit my phone.
    2008-11-05 04:59 AM
  4. z3r01's Avatar
    bout your phone, I would recommend a fresh install of 1.1.4 but back up so you won't loose anything, as for 2.1, there's a lot of apps already ported over to 2.1 and it's great with appstore

    Thanx button in advance
    2008-11-05 05:17 AM
  5. Smileydawg's Avatar
    Do you suggest that I upgrade to 2.1 ? AN also how do i back up a full back up of my phone apps an settins an everything or i cant? or What software I should use to do it?
    2008-11-05 05:31 AM
  6. Chefanim's Avatar
    I guess you can consider the 1,600 games on the app store, and thousands of other apps a good enough reason to upgrade.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish
    2008-11-05 06:55 AM