1. tofoo's Avatar
    Would it be okay if I jailbreak the phone so I can install some games on it? Would it affect it's plan ($ wise)? Would it also get problems since it's on a plan (software wise)? Thanks
    2008-11-12 05:34 PM
  2. ASar08's Avatar
    Nope, no problems. I am with Fido also, and have tons of jailbroken apps installed. Just make sure you have a data plan on your account, or if you don't, call Fido and get them to put an internet block on your account. The price of the plan doesn't have anything to do with the software you install on the iPhone.
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    2008-11-12 05:38 PM
  3. tofoo's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick response. Sorry, what I meant by "would it have problems since it's on a plan.." is since it's already unlocked but not jailbroken, would it cost problems such as applications crashing. I'm just trying to be cautious of what I might deal with when I decide to QuickPwn my iPhone.
    2008-11-12 05:51 PM
  4. sziklassy's Avatar
    No you shouldn't have an issues at all. As far as applications crashing, that is based on the application, not the fact that your phone is locked/unlocked, etc. Something crashing on your phone is just as likely to crash on anyone else's
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    2008-11-12 05:58 PM
  5. tofoo's Avatar
    Thanks for all the info you both provided. It definitely gave me confidence on jailbreaking my phone. *crosses fingers*
    2008-11-12 06:11 PM