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    Hi, installed ifuntastic 3.0.3 and love it..

    The problem I am having is changing some icons.

    I go to the app path and choose icon and replace from the toolbar.

    The problem is some of the icons have backgrounds and some don't, the ones that don't replace great the ones with backgrounds showes the background on the iphone.

    Even if I try to change that from the replacment tab it stills showes whatever color background.

    Is there and way of doing this so this does not happen or am I doing something wrong?

    2007-09-05 08:16 PM
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    I am typing all this from memory and I am kinda new to iPhone hacking myself but I think this is what I did. Try at your own risk.

    Open the Homescreen mod window in iFuntastic.

    Find an icon, from wherever, you want to use to replace a standard icon.

    Rename it to match exactly how the original app icon is names in the vertical selection box in the ifuntastic program. i.e. I think that the phone icon is actually labeled MobilePhone on the app list, so you would name your new icon MobilePhone.png

    Now drag that new icon onto the ifuntastic window and drop it into that same vertical app selection box.

    Arrange icons like you like.

    Click update iphone.

    Now the icon should change on the iPhone and have a transparent background.
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    2007-09-06 04:36 AM