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    Im just wondering how your 3G batteries are holding up?
    Trying to get a comparison of jailbroken and unjailbroken phones.
    Mine battery consumption seems kind of high, and before you try to send me a link, yes I have already read BigBosses blog entery on performance and battery consumption.

    Mine is Jailbroken, 3G/Wifi/SSH/BT off... Phone/Edge on
    I use quickgold/SBsetting/Winterboard & Intelliscreen(updates RSS feeds every 6 hours)
    I have a list of other apps that I have installed, but none should be running in background except those listed above.

    My battery wont even go a day without charging. And that is with light internet use, a fair amount of texting and a very low number of phone calls. I charged to 100% and let it sit with the screen off in standby for 19 hours and lost 25% battery life.
    According to apples tech specs it should have up to 300 hours of standby... at the rate I quoted my phone at, I would only get maybe 80-85 hours standby.. which is pretty far off from the 300 apple boasts.

    Id be happy to get info from everyone about how their battery is holding up. I just want to know if something is wrong with mine(if Im in need of a restore?)or if this is a common occurance that cant be helped until it is addressed in a firmware update.
    2008-11-12 08:00 PM