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    i've only had my phone a couple days now, and time was fine up til yesterday, i checked it, it was all good, then about an hour later, i checked it again, and the time had jumped ahead 5 hours.

    i go to:

    Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically is turned on, which is 5 hours ahead. so i turn it off, go to Time Zone, Miami (i'm in florida) and still, 5 hours ahead. so i go to Set Date & Time and set the right time. that would be fine, but when i get texts from people, it shows their text being 5 hours in the future and it's all mixed around from my texts, so it doesn't look like a conversation.

    what am i doing wrong?

    ok, so i thought if i turned it off and back on it might fix it...

    ...now i'm in recovery mode, wont do anything else

    i don't know much about this phone, i bought it unlocked new from a local seller, i've emailed him and waiting for a response, but wondering what you guys think it is in the mean time...
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