1. strange's Avatar
    Encountering some problems with my 1st gen. It's an unlocked 8gb. I've been using it for 4-5 months with no problems. But today this happened--

    When on the phone, the person I'm calling can't hear me. I tried resting it (power and home button at the same time)

    -Tried cleaning the hole where the headset goes, nothing.

    -Made sure it wasn't stuck on 'headphones' mode

    -Tried plugging and unplugging the headset in

    It does work with the oem headset, but that is annoying.

    Also, my phone will no longer connect to the dock, charging or syncing. I've tried my friends chargers as well, nothing. But I left it on the charger for a while earlier and it charged a little bit. But the phone never turned on or anything.

    If I do a restore on my itunes will it relock my phone?
    2008-11-13 02:28 AM
  2. one1's Avatar
    Click flex cable link in my sig.
    2008-11-13 02:41 AM