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    I'm currently running my iPhone as a wifi/browser and ipod - (still waiting for a simple software unlcok as I'm based in Europe).

    I used iphoneunlocker to unlock the iphone based off of version iTunes of iTunes (it only works off this version of iTunes). Im on windows xp. iPhone firmware updates were all fine in this scenario so I'm on 1.0.2

    HoweverI upgraded iTunes to the latest today and I could not synch photos music onto the iPhone I get a dialog error box showing up about cannot connect to iphone music store. The iphone icon in iTunes show up but instead of seeing the synchng-tab homescreen - it was just blank... This is because iphone unlocker only works off iTunes ... sigh, so ....

    I uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled re unlocked the phone using iphoneunlocker and all is fine again, iPhone shows up in iTunes and can synch etc...I didn't lose any of my settings or photos/music etc...

    On to the question: so far I can't see any extra functionality that has really required an iTunes upgrade from but since the announcement today of the iTunes store for the IPhone, I'm assuming it will require an iTunes upgrade as well as an iPhone new version or at some point I will have to upgrade iTunes ?

    Can someone recommend what I need to do to keep the phone unlocked (as an ipod and wifi/browser) but be able to have the latest versions of iTunes and iPhone firmware ? iBrickr looks a little complicated for me as I'm a complete newbie... but would this solve my problem ? ie. I can upgrade the iPhone firmware and iTunes

    Perhaps wait for the software unlock ? (should it appear in the next month) ?

    Any thougths ?

    Update : I see indeed that iTunes has been updated to 7.4 as of today with the new ringtone functionality added, so any recomendations would be appreciated...
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