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    Is there an application that runs on the iphone that can clean out any unnecessary files? I have installed many apps on it now the apps are beginning to bug out. Some will load briefly then just close.. some wont even load at all, And i don't want to restore firmware If i don't have to. I have manually went in using WINSCP to delete apps i didn't need but i have a feeling there are leftovers.

    One of my biggest problems is that i Installed VLC player for the iphone ( I use it to stream radio), and it has made my Fring application dysfunctional. It opens then disappears and back to the springboard. No matter how many times i reinstall Fring It does the same thing. I think it has something to do with VLC player because this has never happened to *fring* before. I am also having a hard time finding this app i downloaded from either Cydia, or Installer. Its an application that lets you download files to the iphone, and its not the mobile safari plugin. Its annoying because If i download a music file and try to play it, quicktime mobile does a whole buncha erratic BS then it says * file is not supported*. I really need to know the name of this file so i can delete it.. I think the name of it was *downloader* or something... errrrr.. don't see anything like that listed in cydia or installer. Anyway, any cleaning apps?
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    2008-11-14 07:11 AM
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    Unfortunately not. Its all manual.....or restore and start fresh.
    2008-11-14 07:13 AM
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    Are there any programs that will back up my entire iphone ? into one little neat convenient file so that if i try to restore and get errors n crap that are likely to give me a migraine i can just restore the image? I am thinking about moving to 2.1 If its safe to. I'm on 2.0
    2008-11-14 07:16 AM
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    Not really. Obviously Itunes will backup everything but your hacked apps. There is an app in Cydia (sorry, cant remember the name) that will backup (or rather list) all the apps you have installed from Cydia for easy re-install after a restore.

    And yeah, 2.1 is good. However, if ur gonna do something, 2.2 is "supposed" to be released in another 10 days or so....hopefully. Of course it will have to be cracked for a jailbreak....but it might be worth holding off, keep you from doing it twice.
    2008-11-14 07:26 AM
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    In your opinion whats the best tutorial out there for upgrading and unlocking/jailbreaking 2.1?
    2008-11-14 07:30 AM
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    Using Pwnage to create a custom firmware.

    Should be the same method you used for 2.0. Only difference is the software you used (quickpwn, pwnage, winpwn, whatever) you will need to update to the current version of that software.

    As far as tutorial.....I dunno, theres alot of them......but the process is pretty easy.....

    If your still unsure tell me if your Mac/WinPC and what your used before.
    2008-11-14 07:39 AM
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    I used Quickpwn on Win XP
    2008-11-14 07:41 AM
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    What I do....I am also on WinXP and have prolly done 25 iphones.

    Search this site (there here, not sure where in a thread), or google.....for a "custom" unlocked and jailbroken 2.1 firmware file. Download it.

    1. backup in itunes and then upgrade to 2.1 in itunes. But dont sync yet.

    2. Now, in itunes do a "shift-restore" and choose the custom fW file you downloaded.

    3. sync your stuff back. Thats it.

    If you get an error from itunes when you try to do the custom restore....then do this:

    1. Start QUICKPWN (you'll need the newest version) go through the motions and after the phone enters DFU mode and quickpwn actually starts the process....the iphone screen will turn COMPLETELY WHITE.....AS SOON as this happens, KILL/CLOSE quickpwn.

    2. This will leave the iphone screen completely white....

    3. Now, go back to itunes and do the "shift-restore" to the custom firmware file.....will work without error.

    When its done....sync you stuff back.
    2008-11-14 07:48 AM
  9. Donnyten's Avatar
    Alright thanks. quick question, before I get started, which version itunes?
    2008-11-14 07:54 AM
  10. cpjr's Avatar
    Im on itunes 8
    2008-11-14 07:59 AM
  11. Donnyten's Avatar

    rockin wit 2.1 baby

    Looks like i spoke too soon..Just one problem..

    I successfully restored with a custom 2.1, but i cant download anything through the app store.. it says " Your account is only valid for purchases in the US itunes store".. I would really like to install *Fring* but i cant download anything
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    2008-11-18 03:02 AM
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    ^^Ummm, sounds like you downloaded a NON-US version of 2.1 FW....where did you get it?

    And what carrier are you using?
    2008-11-18 03:09 AM
  13. Donnyten's Avatar
    I downloaded a firmware from this site.. I cant find it anymore for some reason through the search but heres the name of the file.

    2008-11-18 03:17 AM
  14. cpjr's Avatar
    What carrier are you on.....because for whatever reason its not pointing you to the US Itunes store.

    But the filename is the same on all FW files.....
    2008-11-18 03:21 AM
  15. Donnyten's Avatar
    Suncom/t mobile.

    can you point me to a US firmware?
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    2008-11-18 03:29 AM
  16. cpjr's Avatar
    I found this....read the bottom:

    When you sync your iPhone or iPod touch, the iTunes application on the computer will share its current iTunes Store account ID with the device you are syncing. This account ID will be used to make purchases from the iTunes Store and App Store on the mobile device.

    The account ID that was synced to the device is displayed at the bottom of each page of the iTunes Store, so you'll always know what account you are using on the device. Simply open iTunes on your mobile device and scroll to the bottom of any page to see which account is currently in use.

    Changing Your Account
    It is not possible to change the account in use on the device itself or to sync multiple accounts to your mobile device. To change the account you are using on your mobile device, go to your computer and sign in to the iTunes Store with the account you want to use on your mobile device, then sync your iPhone or iPod touch with your computer again. This will transfer the new account information to the mobile device. To sign in or out of an account in iTunes choose Store > Sign In (or Sign Out).

    Editing Your Account Information
    It is not possible to change your account information from your mobile device. You can view and change your iTunes Store account information using iTunes on your computer by choosing Store > View My Account.

    Changing Your iTunes Store Country
    It is not possible to change the iTunes Store country in use on the device itself. To change this on your mobile device, go to iTunes on your computer, change the iTunes Store to the country you want to use on your mobile device, then sync your iPhone or iPod touch with your computer again. To quickly change to the correct country for your account, choose Store > Sign In. If you are not using the correct iTunes Store country for your account you may see an error message advising that your account is only valid for purchases in the iTunes Store for your country when you try to download from the iTunes Store or App Store on your mobile device.
    2008-11-18 03:36 AM
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    Do a new registration use a U.S. base store in your area, that should fix it.

    just remove your sim when your connected
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    2008-11-18 04:03 AM
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