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    Before I start out, yes I am completely new to the iPhone, and no, I haven't tried it yet.

    Still need to unlock the phone as I live in Spain and the phone is from USA, anyway, that's not the problem nor what my questions is about.

    I only plan to use the iPhone for, movies, music, text and calling, and of course other basic applications.

    Though, would be nice to use net on it from time to time or if I need a quick access to the net, i.e comp down or something similar. (Got my own wi-fi connection at home, so I'm hoping I wont be charged when I connect to that(?))

    Problem I have in my mind, as weird and stupid question as it may be, I've been reading a lot on the net and I see a lot of people are getting huge bills for roaming charges and 3g use (mostly overseas?).

    Question is, as I live in Spain, will I be charged and receive a rather big surprising phone bill if I do the following;
    Keep roaming option off and turn off 3g. - I don't want to pay insanely much of money to access net/email when I got a perfectly fine computer.

    - Note that I'm basically out to know if I'll be charged by the **** loads by 'roaming charges' and other crap whilst connected to Wi-fi and only use SMS-texting, calling and other non internet application. -

    Anyway, please bare with the 'newbieness' which is me, and thanks for all help in advance.

    Regards, Smaaen

    **Edit/Reply part**

    Oh and, just wondering about unlocking/activating iPhone 3g-

    I've read and found that Home*-*Any Network - iPhone 3g unlocking is the best place to order the chip from, is this true or is there somewhere better/more reliable?

    Again, live in Spain, my provider is Orange.

    Thanks in advance, yet again.

    Best regards, Smaaen.
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    If you jailbreak your phone, you can use an app from cydia called bossprefs and turn 3g off so then you shouldn't be charged. They also do not charge for using wifi. I'm not really sure which sim adaptor works best so do your research before wasting money.
    2008-11-14 07:46 PM
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    Aye I have researched and Any-network is recommended on several accounts.

    So I need to download an install the application 'bossprefs' from cydia in order to prevent charging?

    And thanks for the fast reply

    *New added*

    Where can I get the cydia app I need (how does it work), looked for it on google, but didn't find a homepage where it contains a download able app called Cydia.

    Sorry for being kinda 'newbie' to this, just want to make sure I get it right to avoid getting huge extra costs which I don't really fancy nor want ^^

    Thanks in advance again.
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    Before purchasing a sim, it appears that the iphone dev-team is close to an unlock for the 3G. I'm not saying it will happen this month, could happen this week. My point is, I've heard many mixed reviews about the 3G unlocking via a sim unlock. check out the iphone dev teams site here blog.iphone-dev.org

    Not sure about the roaming charges....
    2008-11-14 10:43 PM
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    The dev team is like software crack, you download a crack and upload it or so, and also, when new iTunes upgrades are released I will have to go through all the work again, however, with the chip from the site below I won't have to.

    Home*-*Any Network - iPhone 3g unlocking <-- they got a chip that unlocks and activates my sim (good reviews and also found references from other sites linking to them), so I'll give them a go.

    And about the roaming charges, looks like I just have to turn off 3g and Data roaming and limit i-net connection to Wi-fi which wont be charged at all.

    Was just a bit worried that I would get charged extra for calling/sms-texting with it and such, using standard cell phone applications.

    Anyway, thanks for all the help and fast replies.

    I'll be back once I got the chip, that I'm sure of ^^

    Take care, and thanks again.

    Best regards, Smaaen

    *New added part*
    One last 'newbie' question.

    Regarding when I download apps and such, if I have data roaming and 3g off and download via Wi-fi <- I won't get charged for the mb/kb downloaded will I?
    Or if I use the internet required applications via Wi-Fi?

    - Smaaen
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