1. normdepal's Avatar
    I have tried to purchase this product twice. Once with a credit card and once with PayPal. Both times it was rejected. This site would also only accept payments from a paid email account, so Yahoo (even though I pay for it) gmail etc. are not acceptable. I am not a kid - I am a businessman that has used my credit card for years, and PayPal for as long as I can remember. it concerns me that these offshore web sites - particularly Russian as this one is - are collecting credit card data etc. then rejecting the order. I have notified my CC company and placed a monitoring on my account. Beware of this site - it may be using the good name and collective audience of ModMyi to make some quick cash!!!
    2008-11-16 08:08 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    They have been having issues with the system....as already posted on this forum and the Dev is a member. But they are NOT fraud.

    Thread closed.
    2008-11-16 08:12 AM