1. Caiocvm's Avatar
    Hey all,
    yesterday I was downloading some apps through Cydia, and when I pressed the home button the apps were being installed. That installation sign simply wasn`t going away, it stayed there for quite a while, so I decided to quit installation; so i pressed home, it didnt work, and then I pressed sleepwhich didnt work, so I decided to turn off using home and sleep. Now, when I press the button for my iphone to turn on it doesnt get past the apple sign, anyone know what I could do?
    I`ve tried holding the home button until teh dock sign and itunes appear, and then itunes ask for updates... won`t that make thigns worse (since my iphone is jaibreaked)?
    and if I restore it, won`t I lose everything that is inside it?
    Thanks for the help!!!
    2008-11-16 12:17 PM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    All your saying is all true, by you have to do it...god knows what cydia did when you forced it to restart during an install....just restore and use quicklwn again...

    Thanks burton in Advance
    2008-11-16 01:34 PM
  3. Caiocvm's Avatar
    Yeah, i`ll just restore, then. But how do I do it, because when I press restore at iTunes a message appears asking me to check or updates, won`t that ruin my iphone? what should I do? and btw, is there a way to access my notes to copy them?
    Thanks man!
    2008-11-16 03:55 PM