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    If you are like me you signed up for MobileMe trial if you did not buy it outright. Well you all are aware that MobileMe Cloud was not working right and we all got extensions.

    About a week ago, I got an email from Apple saying they were going to charge me 99 bucks in five days to buy MobileMe.

    I have not been happy with it so I took action. I went to my MobileMe account at MobileMe when to my settings and deleted my account. I went to my Control Panel and signed out of MobileMe.

    On my iPhone I still had my MobileMe email account and in settings I toggled off the email.

    But here is the problem, If you do not delete the emaill account your iPhone will continue to Sync to MobileMe Account that has been closed and iPhone will Wipe All Your Contacts.

    Once you delete the email MobileMe email and connect your iPhone the Summary Tab will revert off of MobileMe. You can then sync your contacts back from Windows or Google Contacts...your choice.

    This fix worked for me. Hope it helps you.
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    2008-11-17 04:14 PM