1. VampireV's Avatar
    hey guys,

    Have always had my phone jailbroken and no issues. Up to date with latest firmware etc been runninf fine for some time now.

    I have noticed recently I have issues trying to slide to answer at times, ie like its running slow. By the time It works the caller has hung up.

    Also notice major lag on keyboard when browsing a website.. IE whitepages.com.au usualyl takes a long time to recognise a letter then sometimes doesn't recognise at all.

    anyone else having issues?
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    2008-11-18 07:43 AM
  2. gabiz_ro's Avatar
    me too.
    sometimes pressing volume up then slide to answer seems to speed up events then you can aswer call. or maybe is just my illusion.
    anyway only volume buttons you can press otherwise pressing power will reject call.
    2008-11-18 08:09 AM