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    Alright, so I have jailbroken 2.0 software and use tmobile. The problem is, sometime last night i was doin **** on it, and it was gettin sluggish, so i decided to reboot it. Now, when i turn it on, it displays the boot screen. It never loads. This has happened to me before, but eventually i got it to load and it was normal for a few weeks. this time ive tried restarting it at least 15 times or so with no luck. and when its plugged into the wall, it will vibrate twice about 1 minute after rebooting, but still only displays the boot screen. please, does anyone have any ideas??

    hey, im desperate for help. i know there is a fix for this problem without re-doing everything. i put way too many hours of work into modding to redo everything, im willing to even send some cash over paypal for someone that gets my phone working

    i guess no one knows a fix, but does anyone know how to re-do everything from the state my phones in? i tried winpwn, but it fails to find the restore.ispw file probably because my phone doesnt make it past the boot screen. and i dont think it gets recognized on itunes because of that as well. anyone got ANY ideas??
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    2008-11-21 06:00 PM
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    Force the phone into recovery mode by holding home + power until you see the connect to iTunes logo. Then restore to 2.1 and quickpwn. When you plau back into iTunes set the phone up as a NEW profile.. .not from back-up.
    2008-11-21 06:07 PM
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    so after i put in dfu mode, i to the software upgrate from itunes? then winpwn it?
    2008-11-21 06:13 PM
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    First of all its Recovery mode you'll be putting the phone into. Secondly you want to hit shift+restore and select firmware 2.1. If you just hit restore it will upgrade you to 2.2 which isn't jailbroken yet. Lastly after you restore to 2.1 all you have to do is run quickpwn.. there are no more steps in itunes.
    2008-11-21 07:56 PM