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  1. malevo's Avatar
    hi guys!
    after i realized i couldn't upgrade my itouch i decided to come here.
    the problem is the next: i run iTunes 8 in an XP (wich has been recently formatted and now doesn't even have SP1) that is what the main problem is i think. and when i press SHIFT + RESTORE it goes quite good until the moment when the ipod goes to recovery mode, there it says smth like "the disk can't be written" and it finishes there leaving it in recovery mode for ever (my partial solution was to get it back to normal mode with ziphone but theres no 2.1 FW)
    what should i do?? thanks in advance
    2008-11-23 01:34 PM
  2. vngsinha's Avatar
    You need to pay (I think $10?) to upgrade a touch from 1.1.x to 2.x. Once you pay to upgrade to any of the 2.x firmwares, all of them should work.
    Cydia urinates on installer from a great height.
    Thank me if you find that quote funny or if I helped
    2008-11-23 03:21 PM
  3. malevo's Avatar
    it's not about paying to itunes, the main problem is that the ipod gets "disconnected" itself sometimes, even when sincying later on i'll send some screenshots if i can
    2008-11-23 08:16 PM