1. reggiebush4mvp's Avatar
    how do you get your apps in the stacks folder . what did you do before, because when i downloaded stacks from cydia and drag my apps in the folder it shows that it went in but it also shows that its on the home screen too. What do i do? Thank you
    2008-11-24 04:57 AM
  2. Alperovich's Avatar
    With stacks already installed.

    install the "steffwiz" source in cydia

    then navigate and install 1 black app, then SBsettings.

    after SBsettings is installed, it'll automatically respring.

    once you are back on the springboard, remove, the icon behind the stack and install place the blank there.

    now, drag the apps you want in the stack into the stack.

    THEN swipe the status bar to open SBsettings,

    navigate to 'more' > 'hide icons'
    2008-11-24 05:19 AM