1. jossebastian's Avatar
    I have a 2G iphone.

    When I bought it, it had 1.1.3 FW and I unlocked-jailbroken it to use with other carriers in US and now in India. And it worked fine for almost 1 year.

    Last week onwards, the bottom speaker fails to work (so is the ringer which uses the same speaker). I read through forums but no solution as of yet. Headphones and ear-speaker both work fine and the headphone jack is also cleaned (as suggested by someone in some post). Vibrate switch on the side is in non-vibrate mode.

    Based on another message on forum, to get the sound back on bottom speaker, I resetted the firmware using iTunes. I expected to restore to 1.1.3 so that I can jailbreak it again. iTunes upgraded to stock 2.2 which rendered the phone useless. Then I used pwnage to downgrade to 2.1, and now the phone is alive but bottom speaker still does not work.

    Any help is highly appreciated.
    2008-11-24 12:41 PM