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    So you updated and now your iPhone mysteriously won't sync to iTunes. It's happened to quite a few people. There's a conflict in old backups that can cause this. Delete all the backups from your computer as well as the mobile device folder (anything that has to do with backups in itunes and the phone). reinstall itunes and BINGO!

    You'll be syncing in no time. If you are one the cut corner idiots who think you'll just reinstall itunes without deleting all the backups and mobile device folder first, then come in here and whine it doesn't work........ Don't bother..... we know you're a slacker.

    For the good few that are having this issue, this is your fix.
    2008-11-26 01:48 AM
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    I no kid you........ waka waka.
    2008-11-27 03:42 AM