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  1. xxdjwillxx's Avatar
    HI, I have had my iPhone 3G nearly 2 weeks and very happy with it till today. I was looking at my phone when someone called me but the phone didnt ring as normal i.e. no ringtone. Checked switch on side that was on so tried changing the ringtone, nothing, same with text tone so I played the iPod to listern to music with out the headphones still nothing. Done a hard and soft reset i.e. hold home button and sleep/wake button still no sound at all. All the settings in the Sounds tab are on. Tried plugging in and taking out headphones several times still nothing. Any ideas? phone is no loger working cant hear or when i speak they cant hear me! please help...
    2008-11-26 06:31 AM
  2. Piazza331's Avatar
    Hit the reset all settings button under your settings tab.
    2008-11-26 09:06 AM

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