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    I was wondering if anyone knew a way to stream online radio stations in the Quicktime format on the iPhone. I will be in the car part of the day on Friday while a football game is on that I want to hear. Unfortunately, I don't think any radio stations will be broadcasting it where I'll be. The station it's broadcast on, has a Quicktime stream online and I can't figure out how to get it to play on my iPhone. I've tried it in Safari and in WunderRadio but neither seem to load it correctly.

    Any advice? I can't miss this game!
    (I'll gladly buy an app if needed...)

    Here's a link to the stream, if it helps:

    Just a heads up... I found an app that works. RadioBOX has both of my college radio stations on it so I can use that to listen to the game!

    I really wish there was a good all-in-one radio app for the iPhone. It sucks having to have both WunderRadio and RadioBOX on here.
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    That stream is odd, Mobile Safari normally plays .mov's natively.
    2008-11-27 06:57 AM