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    When i connect my iPhone to my computer via usb cord to dock or just straight usb cord to iphone, it disconnects unexpectedly sometimes, actually most of the time. Sometimes it stays connected for about a while then it disconnects without me touching it at all. i CAN'T get through a sync, it's annoying. I restored, and i checked everything, recently i moved my computer upstairs and ever since it does this, when my computer was downstairs everything worked fine. but now that its upstairs it does this, but i don't understand the connection is good from usb to usb port on the computer is perfect and all connected well? so i don't know why it would change? when i charge it from ac with the dock, it works fine,,, so it has to be the computer??? thats wierd because all others things that use the usb ports on my computer work fine??
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    2007-09-07 03:26 AM
  2. vrsnake's Avatar
    started yesterday before the itunes 7.4 update.
    2007-09-07 04:46 AM
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    No before that! i've noticed that when the light on the iphone dims while charing/syncing while being plugged to my comp and then i press the home button to light it up again then it disconnects then reconnects ITS SO ANNOYING

    nevermind i figured it out thanks
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    How did you fix it??
    My phone has the same problem and i thought it was the services.plist but that didnt work out.

    okay i dont exactly know how i fixed it but i got it to work like this:
    - start iphone interface, let phone establish connection with interface
    - WHILE this is running open itunes and sync
    - it eventually disconnected before the sync finished, but everything made it to the phone but all my contacts got copied twice -_-
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    2007-09-13 03:21 AM
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    The only way I found to fix (bypass) the problem was, before the sync, go into settings, go into general, and turn off Auto-Lock. If your doing a restore, it will reset it to 1 minute, so after it reactivates, and before it restores from the backup slide to unlock (leaving iphone in dock) and turn auto-lock off again.
    Hope this helps,

    Update: PS: Turning OFF Auto-Lock stops the iPhone from going to sleep.
    2007-09-13 06:18 AM