1. jforget1's Avatar
    I have to say I really love the IMAP pushing of the yahoo mail it is basically instantaneous.
    2007-07-01 12:21 AM
  2. fractured's Avatar
    No way to SELECT ALL??!?!?!?! Annoying in URL field...

    No copy paste...

    No selecting a region of text, either. I just need to delete a part of the url to step up the webpage.

    Also, there should be a page back button. The Home key is handy, but why navigate all the way back down the menus to the spot you were just in?
    2007-07-01 01:08 AM
  3. Cire's Avatar
    okay, i have a few, but I still love the phone! :P

    NO SPAM FILTER!!! Mail will be unusable by me until that is fixed, I get a constant barrage of Viagra and Male enhancement ads I can't read my mail in public with all the x-rated spam I get.

    Limited group management in contacts.

    No grouping of Map bookmarks. Should work the same as Safari bookmarks.

    No cut and paste, no selection of text to allow for replacement or deletion.

    No way to close a webpage directly without hitting the pages button first and then aiming for that little red x. My big fingers seem to miss that alot.

    No keyboard macros for oft-entered phrases and smilies.

    Did I mention...

    NO SPAM FILTER!!!!!!

    Hey, while there is not homepage (I never use one...sorry MMI ) you always have to keep one page open and since the app doesnt seem to quit and it gets reloaded when you come back to it, I've been using it as a homepage.
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    2007-07-01 01:59 AM
  4. tyner100's Avatar
    I would like to be able to customize it.

    usually apple pays attention to small details, like the calendar which says "Sunday 1" but the clock on the home screen isn't right, nor is the weather. i would like to see those so i can know things one look.

    Also, i was promised you tube, yet i cant watch my videos, I'm sorry i don't get 8000 views a day =]

    hopefully this will be fixed along with the obvious ring tone situation.
    2007-07-01 06:08 AM
  5. 2sl0w's Avatar
    I think it is rediculous that apple didnt think people would want to change their sms or email tone. Also not having an interface available to highlight and select multiple items or save images from websites sucks too.
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    2007-07-01 06:50 AM
  6. TomFrost's Avatar
    * New voicemail and new SMS is the exact same sound. WTF. Don't make me check two places!

    * I wrote an E-mail. At the end, I decide to delete a long sentence in the middle. Instead of being able to highlight it and hit delete, I have to click at the end of it and tap backspace EIGHTY-NINE TIMES.

    * I can't set my phone's background from tapping an appropriately-sized image in Safari? You seriously have to buy iLife, install iPhoto, load up the photo you want for the background, sync, and THEN set the setting just to get a custom friggin background!?

    * Voice dialing. Seriously. If I'm wearing a bluetooth headset in my car, chances are I don't want to have to thumb through a huge address book and tap away on the screen to make a call. This is why they call it hands free.

    * Bluetooth 2.0 and all it can do is connect to a headset?! What the $%^&@()?!? Are we seriously causing problems if we let text messages be sent through the unit? Omg, the horrors that would come from pulling caller ID from the phone when you get a call!

    * Overheating. Try charging your iPhone while listening to high-bitrate music and power-surfing webpages. Go back to your music and thumb through coverflow. ..oh, what happened? The iPod just.. disappeared. Music stopped, back at the home screen... Yup, your iPhone just overheated.
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    2007-07-01 07:42 AM
  7. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    backspace just hold it

    for wallpaper you can choose a folder on your computer to sync photos from instead of iphoto. they can be set as walls
    2007-07-01 07:52 AM
  8. Atrocity's Avatar
    Hopefully Apple will release a firmware update to fix some of these issues.
    2007-07-01 07:58 AM
  9. tyner100's Avatar
    not a hopefully...

    just a hopefully soon.
    2007-07-01 09:38 AM
  10. Cire's Avatar
    tyner, I agree. I have no doubt these will be fixed and I bet many already are and are just waiting for the next release. But I am an optimist :P
    2007-07-01 02:27 PM
  11. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Indeed. Wiki updated.

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    2007-07-01 06:28 PM
  12. rustyhoge's Avatar
    Things I'd like to see:

    - Selecting text, Copy/Paste
    - How about TextEdit instead of Notes.
    - Spotlight. This would be great to find notes, contacts, etc.
    2007-07-01 11:42 PM
  13. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Here's the summary of the list at the moment:

    So now we have our iPhones. And some things are incredible on it, while other things are downright disappointing. I've started this page to list all the gripes and things we wish we could change... feel free to edit it as you will and add your own gripes!

    Please, don't fill this with stuff you ALREADY KNEW before you bought it, like no Flash support, no MMS, etc - you had ample time to find that out before it was sold, none of us really care if you're mad about that after it was made painfully clear already.


    Mail has to be my biggest let-down with the iPhone. I was REALLY looking forward to being able to effectively manage my Mail while on the go, and am disappointed to find I'm not able to. *sigh*, give me a firmware update, Steve.

    - No Universal Inbox
    I have 11 accounts which I use regularly. Different ones for different sites I own, work, home, etc. Does Apple really think I want to go in and out of 11 different inboxes to view 14 messages? I mean, come on...
    - View Unread
    In my Mail in OS X, I have a Smart Mailbox set up to view just the unread messages. With the iPhone, I have to scroll through dozens of messages to find the ones with the blue dot by them...
    - Initial Sync
    When I initially Synced my iPhone with my Mail, it downloaded thousands of my messages. Unfortunately, it did not keep ANY of my Read/Unread status on those. And, since I had no way of mass deleting or mass moving, or marking all as read - I wound up viewing a thousand messages to make them show as Read. Yah, that was good, clean iFun.
    - G-Mail
    Even though Apple has GMail listed as one of its supported 3rd party mail providers (even going so far as including their graphic when you try and set up a new account in Mail from the iPhone), GMail has issues. Every one of my Sent messages is showing up in my Inbox.
    - Junk
    Some of my accounts get a lot of Junk mail. The iPhone doesn't let me mark stuff as Junk... lame.
    - Mark Read
    No contextual menus means the only way to mark these as read is to open every single message I get.


    - Day View
    I was expecting when viewing in Day View to simply be able to flick to either side to move between days, in the same way as you can in the iPod, Pictures, and most other interfaces in the iPhone.


    - Voice Dialing
    Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth $600 phone... no voice dialing?


    - Text Selection
    Why can't you select just a specific bit of the text? I'm on ModMyI.com/index.php?thread=456, I want to go to ModMyI.com/Apps. Why do I need to delete 20 letters to type 4? It'd make way more sense to highlight the index.php part and just write apps.
    - Saving Images/Files
    We have a gallery here of iPhone wallpapers. I browse to it on the iPhone. I find my image I want. And then I... wait, I can't download it? I can't choose to set it as wallpaper? I have to go to my Mac, browse to the URL again, download the photo, purchase and install iLife, import the photo into iPhoto, set it to sync with the iPhone, open up iTunes, hit sync, then browse to it on my iPhone and set as wallpaper? Hmm.


    - Quality
    Overall camera quality is lame. If there is ANY movement at all during the shot you get a blurry image, and the general quality is just mediocre.
    - Options
    There are none. Where's my Zoom? Exposure? Maybe save a few in not full res?

    General Usage

    - Mass Management
    I can't select multiple ANYTHING. Which becomes most prevalent in Mail. So if I have 10 messages I want to delete, I have to individually delete every one of them.
    - No Contextual Menus
    Where are they? You'd think holding your finger on an item for a couple seconds would bring up a contextual menu with items like Delete, Copy, Move, etc depending on what you had selected. But nope, not the case. A little limited. These menus are also not available via a button anywhere - they just aren't there. Which brings me to...
    - Copy/Paste
    WHERE IS COPY PASTE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    - File Management
    There is no way to save files which are attachments in your Mail, nor from Safari. A Documents folder wouldn't be too bad, Apple...


    - Headphones Port

    95% of third party headphones don't fit. Yah, Apple's included headphones aren't bad, but when I want to watch a movie or listen to music they don't even compare to my studio headphones I use on stage.
    - Gettin' Hot
    When I first got it, it was getting hot a LOT. Seems to have calmed down now, hopefully it was just an initial thing. EDIT: nope, still doing it.

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    2007-07-02 03:53 AM
  14. kissmyaxe's Avatar
    I went to Radio Shack today and tried that out in the store (shh...) but it didn't fit. I did, however, come across this (scroll down to the iSkin Stereo Extension Adapter) which looks like a great solution. I ordered one from iSkin's online store and I'll post whether or not it works. Thanks for the suggestion though!
    2007-07-03 01:04 AM
  15. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Nice. I ordered one too.

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    2007-07-03 01:14 AM
  16. JedixJarf's Avatar
    A fix for the gmail bug.

    1) forward messages to another email account ( I used aim mail, has 2 gb of storage just like gmail.)

    2) Under gmail settings turn on the filter with your own email address so you wont receive emails from yourself.

    3) Setup your iPhone's incoming mail to your fowarded mail address.

    4) Setup your outgoing mail to GMails settings.

    5) Save your settings ( it will run a test connection to both mail servers.)

    6) Enjoy.
    2007-07-03 02:23 AM
  17. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Nice, that works.

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    2007-07-03 03:27 AM
  18. JedixJarf's Avatar
    sorry if it was a vague description posting on iPhone. I will update with pics later tonight.
    2007-07-03 04:19 AM
  19. TomFrost's Avatar
    Is that different than what we discussed here, Jedi?
    2007-07-03 04:25 AM
  20. geedub's Avatar
    My biggest (and pretty much only) gripe so far is the freakin' headphone port, which is recessed too deeply for my $500 Shures. Best iPod ever? Not if I have to listen with Apple earbuds...
    Amen, I was so pissed off that I couldn't use my Shure E500PTH's with the iPhone. I bought these earphones specifically for use with the iPhone. Griffin has a nice headphone adapter but they don't have a release date.
    2007-07-03 08:57 AM
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