1. ultimatexpka's Avatar
    Aim is already available download mobilechat 2 and

    I want copy and paste on the phone video conferencing or at least a video recorder flash web browser plugins app organizer put games in a separate folder and ect
    2007-10-19 02:59 AM
  2. mashom's Avatar
    Iphone is simple sleek, touch system, with a big screen ever
    its all functions, programs and setting in mobile is excellent

    but iphone have some disadvantages.

    2MP is not perfectly looking good with Iphone must have 3MP or 5MP
    No flash with camera.
    No such night vision, summer or day configuration
    No zoom in zoom out
    No video recording

    No Multi SMS
    No MMS
    No SMS Forwading option
    No Option to save to save Specific SMS in different folders
    SMS is limited to 1000 (what is the use of 4gb and 8gb)
    No Drafts, Sent Folders
    No Copy/Paste

    No louder speaker volume (if apple could designing good mobile then they can make better and powerfull battery too to use long last of mobile)
    No officially custom ringtone
    No Bluetooth file tranferring

    No Java
    No Flash
    No Image saving option
    No Homepage
    No Copy/Paste

    No File Browsing

    And the main thing is that apple is not listening to their fans.

    Iphone is realeased 6 months ago and there is not such update in iphone
    while comparing to other mobile company they provide update every after 1 month
    2007-10-21 10:18 AM
  3. n2deep's Avatar
    Why did we buy this thing. I cant even send pics in a text. I have had it 2 days i think its going back to cingular... Oh well back to the Pearl.
    2007-10-22 07:33 PM
  4. AlMuhairi's Avatar
    There is no option to forward SMS messeges to one or more contacts.

    Bluetooth is limited on the iphone, cant send messeges, pics, or any data using bluetooth.

    Since its the first phone apple produces, i hope they take these into account and make the iphone a better revolutionary phone.
    2007-10-24 04:27 AM
  5. w1ng7artoras's Avatar
    My handle is my mic, my moves are my rhymes, this game is my life..
    2007-10-25 10:38 AM
  6. nadeem's Avatar
    my iphone top strip is dead, i cant use "sms,calender,photos & camera" .
    i used it perfectly only for three weeks, and i noticed tat I've to press very hard for the top 4 icons,
    and slowly day by day the sensitivity went low. now its totally dead "dead strip"

    i wonder whats more annoying than this...
    worst thing is that i am no where close to an apple shop...

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    2007-10-29 01:54 PM
  7. shaquk's Avatar
    The predictive texting is getting on my nerves. And you cant turn that fricking thing off....UFFF (<-- that comes up as IFC on the iphone...WTF??...)
    2007-11-01 11:44 AM
  8. ericidle's Avatar
    the only thing good about the phone capability is the call quality, other than that, as a functional cell phone it ranks about the worst one out IMHO

    They could learn a thing or two from Sony, Motorola and Nokia, having said that the obious heritage from ipods and software shines through with slick operation and smooth graphics. Just a pity the browser has been crippled, still most of these issues can and might be fixed with software updates but the camera cant.....
    2007-11-03 01:18 AM
  9. Renegade's Avatar
    I don't know if anyone replied to you yet... But I would strongly agree, it would be a lot better in facts of organization to have b-day's posted in calender.
    2007-11-03 12:51 PM
  10. cosmoLV's Avatar
    1. Hard to write SMS when walking, you need stop and then write a sms (but this is not a big problem)
    2. Safari - No Flash Player
    3. E-mail - no Junk and spam filter, connot write a message rules
    But this is small problems! This is not a computer tjis is phone it's ok...
    4. I think this is International issue, but "End Call" problem. Connot end call when on otherside people drop faster than you - i need be harry and drop the phone first
    5. Calendar - The Weeks starts on Sunday - need on Monday, Hov to change? (International issue) in Latvia Weeks start on Monday
    Phone hardware:
    1. Phone Back side - it will be better if the phone back be from rubber or mettal with some rubber things or some cloth things, because the mettal back is wery slippery and you will need be carry when you hold the phone on walk.
    2. Wirtual keyboard - it will be better if keybord be not on bottom, but on top - this will be easy writing with your thom when you walk. Actualy need some switch - possible to swich keyboard Top or Bottom (Up - Down)
    3. Home Button - better if the Home Button be on right side - easy acces to home button with your thom - on left side is Silent swich and Wolume, but on right Home button.
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    Country: Latvia
    Carrier: LV LMT
    Runing On FW: 2.0 BL 3.9
    2007-11-03 03:57 PM
  11. Juggernaut's Avatar
    General: Keeps "not waking up" in the morning, restore almost every day

    SMS: No characters counter.
    Safari: Flash and Java. Cant save any images youve found browsing on the phone :s
    Bluetooth: Turn it on, it will keep searching.. and searching..
    Camera: No options to set and no flash.
    Ringtones: Cant set your own.
    Messenger: No messenger client.
    Skype: Would be great! Free calls through wifi
    MMS: Not available.
    Mail: The gmail sent problem, spam filter.

    No international warranty! Its an apple product wtf! :s
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    2007-11-06 12:12 AM
  12. F3nom3ni's Avatar
    My only 2 gripes are:

    1. No MMS messaging.
    2. No IM client that works flawlessly with the edge network.

    Hope they fix this is upcoming firmware.
    2007-11-06 05:35 PM
  13. Design'r's Avatar
    Damn... i must admit that the iphone really disappointed me alot. Apple took away many basic function that made our everyday lives easier on a normal mobile - WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

    ** agrees with everything mashom said -- and everyone here **
    2007-11-06 06:58 PM
  14. apfel's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to edit quicktime files in windows, or basically the pc equivalent for textwrangler?
    2007-11-07 04:34 PM
  15. RogerWilco's Avatar
    i dont like the mp3 player software

    for example if i want to go to the middle of the song that small bar is just very difficult to move being so small.
    2007-11-10 01:35 AM
  16. curnaco's Avatar
    My two favorites:

    1) I hate not being able to SAVE a picture when surfing SAFARI, thats it really annoying....

    2) Plus no copy paste and no text selection.

    Thanks Apple for this ones.......
    Your World, Unlocked!
    2007-11-10 02:18 AM
  17. Geroge176's Avatar
    i hate that it doesnt work internet and all with just tmobile PREPAID!!!!!!
    2007-11-10 03:07 AM
  18. LesAshmore's Avatar
    Worst Thing in my mind is the CRAP text tones and so few
    2007-11-10 02:24 PM
  19. mofolo's Avatar
    Can't Teather my computers internet connection through to my Iphones mobile Safari...

    That would be really really helpful while jailbreaking using AppSnapp or just downloading over installer!

    No Text message counter...
    No Video Recorder...
    No File Manager...And
    No way to use Bluetooth to share ANYTHING...not even photos!?
    myRepoSpace.com - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.
    2007-11-11 03:07 AM
  20. wireless288's Avatar
    dead strip
    2007-11-12 06:11 AM
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