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  1. Amuse's Avatar
    I updated to 2.2 on a 2G iPhone 2 days ago and used quickPwn to jailbreak/unlock.
    Phone was able to call and receive calls the first day with Rogers Sim card.
    Phone isnt able to call out or recieve calls anymore.
    Click on the phone icon and it goes to the phone page... then just backs out everytime. Can't click on anything.

    Any suggestions how to fix this problem?
    2008-12-01 05:22 AM
  2. mkblade's Avatar
    wow same thing here...had 2.2 firmware and jailbroke it couple of days ago, fully customize and now phone doesn't make calls, its receives them tho, when i try to make calls it goes back to the home screen...even restored it fully and still nothing...? Any help..suggestions?
    2008-12-01 05:00 PM
  3. bigpoppasmurf831's Avatar
    same thing here, i restored it put in the 2.2 firmware again and jailbroke it againnow it seems to be working fine
    2008-12-01 09:46 PM
  4. XChrisX's Avatar
    Was just about to make this same post. Haven't jailbroken since 114. But decided to do so with 2.2, but now I'm unable to make calls phone app crashes everytime. Loaded buff2 through cydia, saw the text was in German in the phone app. Uninstalled the theme, and now no phone. Will restore fully I guess and hope that fixes it. To the above poster who restored and still nothing, make sure you chose a new firmware and not one you've used before. Any suggestions here before I restore though?

    Update: uninstalled intelliscreen and that seemed to fix the problem. Maybe resetting the springboard fixed me up. Hope it doesn't bug up again though.
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    2008-12-02 01:37 AM