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    The other day when I pulled my iPhone out of my front pocket I found there to be what looks like pixel damage on the lcd. I have no clue how it got there and there is no damage/scratches/cracks on the glass. The weird thing is it has appeared to be getting larger over the past few days. I have owned the phone for almost one year now (in two weeks it will be one year exactly) and have never dropped the phone.

    My question is is there any point in going to the Genius Bar at the apple store? Or will they most likely say it was abused and blame it on me?
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    2008-12-01 08:52 AM
  2. Zman-iPhone's Avatar
    your lcd is ripping
    2008-12-01 10:10 AM
  3. ekidd's Avatar
    there's a program on cydia called pixel checker or something. It says something about fixing pixels but i don't know if it actually works.
    2008-12-01 10:38 AM
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    Would they consider this my fault? Apple has a 1 year hardware warranty don't they?

    In case anyone is interested, I went to my appointment at the Genius Bar today and they replaced my phone with another new 2G iPhone without any problems!
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    2008-12-02 01:20 AM
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    Haha, an LCD doesnt "rip"......and yeah, it should be covered under warranty no problem.
    2008-12-02 02:38 AM