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    Okay, I'm not sure if this is related to flashing to the 2.2 firmware (maybe it went bad?) or what but lately my iPhone has been REALLY finnicky.

    Randomly it will restart, usually while texting (while sending a text actually). All of last night it was fine. Last night I performed a complete restore WITHOUT backup, and synced over most of my apps/songs again. Nothing major, just a few free apps, Dynolicious and 300 songs.

    A few days ago, it restarted and erased ALL my texts. Usually when it restarts I wont lose anything. Then just now, it restarted and my phone got set back to factory settings (as far as sounds, brightness, icon layout goes. Apps and texts, contacts still there). Is there a way to like, in essence, completely re-install the OS or something? Like the equivalent of a full reformat/reinstall of windows?


    Guess no one has any ideas? I might try a restore and not installing any third party apps.
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    2008-12-03 08:48 AM
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    That would be your restore.

    Without installing a firmware there wouldn't be anything on your iPhone.

    It installs everything from your basic apps, to everything in the background, right up to basebands and bootloaders.

    So a full restore should fix it.

    Unless theres a problem with the hardware.
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    2008-12-03 11:36 AM
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    Dang, alright. Maybe I'll try a restore w/o installing my apps and what not. Not quite sure if that would make a difference, but when launching an app yesterday (the second I clicked the icon) it rebooted so who knows. Thanks
    2008-12-03 01:21 PM