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    i am trying to find out the UIImages names for the new Keyboard-Emoji.artwork file....so i can skin it to match my current keyboard using winterboard....i know how to open the .artwork file and skin it the old way.

    so i email saurik and asked him and he said if i found the TextInput library for the emoji i can run "strings" on it and it will give me a bunch of file names...he said strings is in the odcctools package and should dump a bunch of file names for me...
    i found the TextInput Library under:

    so i searched cydia and found odcctools and installed it on my phone but now im not sure what to do...

    i emailed saurik back and asked him to point me in the right direction b/c im not familiar with this and he said:
    Run "strings" on it. Just pass the files in there to "strings" and it will dump a bunch of filenames

    so im trying to research to figure out how to do this..i dont want to keep emailing him and bothering him about it...im sure he has better things to do

    so if anyone can help me i would appreciate it

    thank you
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    2008-12-03 12:25 AM