1. itzbilly's Avatar
    Hey, I entered a contact in by accident, didn't realize they changed their number and I saved it. Now I'm trying to delete that ONE contact or at least be able to edit the details. How can I do this? There's no edit button in contacts and "swiping" it doesn't show a delete button. Please help, is there anyway to delete that one contact WITHOUT syncing?
    2008-12-03 11:35 PM
  2. mumra06's Avatar
    Do it from your phone contact list.

    Or better yet scroll to the very bottom there is a big red delete contact button.
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    2008-12-03 11:39 PM
  3. itzbilly's Avatar
    Um.. no there isn't. I'm on an iPhone 2G 2.2, there is no delete button anywhere in the Contacts list. I've tried the Contacts button AND going to Phone and then contacts. No delete button.

    Actually never mind my contact editing is working again. Please lock up.
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    2008-12-03 11:44 PM
  4. BarcaMagic's Avatar
    go to phone => contacts => select contact => edit and on the bottom of the page there should be "delete contact"
    2008-12-04 12:30 AM
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