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    So yeah, after having the iPhone for a few months the battery took a sh!t on me. I got it the day it came out and its been pretty good to me until now.

    Today the phone just died. It's Jailbroken with 2.1 and was running so smooth compared to the other releases. But it died. Right before it fail i saw the guy standing there saying something in some other language (like when you do an update or master reset).

    So now, when it charges the battery just stays 99% empty with just a tad of red, but it doesn't ever charge. It just sits there with the charging lightning bolt.

    My question is, is everything that was on the phone gone? My recent contacts all my pictures everything is gone right? No way to retrieve them?

    Lastly, i need to get a replacement of course. Thing is i need to do it by mail. I dont really want to go into an apple store and deal with that BS. Where can i go to get that started? I checked apple.com but it wasn't clear on that.

    Well thanks in advance for the advice, and beware i guess...
    2008-12-05 12:08 PM
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    your data should still be there if the battery just went dead. I would check the usb cable as well, if it clears go into itunes and backup your contacts and stuff from there and then do a full restore. If the battery problem persist you can call apple for the advanced replacement service and tell them whats going on, they wil try to troubleshoot it over the phone and then if what they want you to do doesnt work they will issue a replacement, but with the mail order you haft to pay a 29 dollar fee, but that pays for the shipping both ways so its worth it IMO. good luck
    2008-12-05 12:21 PM
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    Yeah i swapped though 3 different cable and same chet. It just sits there and shows the empty battery and "claims" that it is charging when its not.

    And when i run iTunes it doesn't recognize the phone. So I guess i am screwed. How would i pull out the contacts from that last sync i did through iTunes?

    I am using an LG VU right now as a replacement, and most my contacts are on the sim but there are some recent ones that i need kinda bad.
    2008-12-05 12:27 PM
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    have you tried charging with a power adapter rather than through your pc/laptop?
    2008-12-05 05:03 PM
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    Actually its OS on the phone. Once the battery died and the phone completely died it turned off. Well when i hooked up the link cable it turned on and said it was on restore mode. So i would have to do a full restore to fix it.

    After that i shut it down, and turned it back on and it loaded fine. But once i put the link cable on it the screen got VERY dark and i had to a hard restart because i couldn't see anything.

    Then i turned it back on and it was back in restore more with the little guy saying something in Russian? So i let the battery drain hooked up the link cable and turned it on.

    Well its working right now, but i am afraid of it crashing so i will have a back up phone on hand.

    Any suggestions on what to do?

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    2008-12-06 03:00 AM