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  1. sami4021's Avatar
    Ok so I have 2 Iphones. both 1st gen. A 16 GB model and a 8 GB model. So i was wondering....How can i get ll apps and stuff from my 16gb to the 8gb? can I use aptbackup and backup the 16gb amd then click restore on the 8gb? Please help and thanks.
    2008-12-06 07:15 PM
  2. wine_guy's Avatar
    I haven't had much success with apt backup, truthfully i think the easiest way is just to manually install the apps on your 8g iphone. it will be faster than trying to backup/restore.
    2008-12-06 09:54 PM
  3. sami4021's Avatar
    but what about its data? like how far ive gotten in the game?
    2008-12-06 11:03 PM