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  1. Saied's Avatar
    Hello, my iPhone was recently stolen and i need to retrieve my contacts from iTunes. Is there any way to do that? Help would be greatly appreciated
    2008-12-06 08:31 PM
  2. brett k's Avatar
    Sorry dude! I lost one recently too, but that was my own dumb fault. I'm sure someone can tell you how to ge them without an iphone, but if you're getting another one you can just restore your whole phone including contacts to it.
    or if you synched to outlook that would be easy also.
    2008-12-06 08:36 PM
  3. wine_guy's Avatar
    Itunes doesn't actually store the contacts when you sync, it syncs the contacts with Address Book on a mac. On windows, it syncs either with Outlook, or Windows Address Book, depending on which one you select.
    2008-12-06 10:06 PM
  4. z3r01's Avatar
    if you had mobile me, it syncs with their server and you can access it online
    2008-12-06 10:32 PM