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  1. Iceman153's Avatar
    Yesterday I Took my Unlocked Iphone and went back to AT&T with it (was on t mobile). My mom added a new line to her plan for me, and she purchased a phone for me (Samsung Propel). When we left the store, I took the AT&T sim card out of the Propel and put it in my Unlocked Iphone, and she put the AT&T sim card out of her old razr and put it in the Propel. I got a text message from AT&T today saying "Your Data Plan is not eligible for IPhone 3G. To prevent excess charges ane enable visual VM, please call 611 to add a data plan for Iphone." I called and they are closed today. Is this a serious matter? What Exactly do I have to do? What is visual VM? Sorry but im new to this so im kinda panicking. Thanks in Advance.
    2008-12-07 04:53 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    visual voice mail
    You should add a data plan to the Propel phone they think you have
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    2008-12-07 04:58 PM
  3. Iceman153's Avatar
    But they asked me to add a plan for my iphone so do I add a plan for the iphone also?
    2008-12-07 05:08 PM
  4. p0tsm0ke's Avatar
    i also have a 3g iphone that i got for cheap i then stuck my sim in the unit and yes i have unlimited everything and i get the same text message. i call att and they say my account is fine and i have everything so i guess nothing to worry about. just check the bill to make sure. visual VM i dont need that lol

    i even asked a att person at a store there like i never seen this message LOL

    anyone else get this.

    what is odd is my other friend also does the same thing i do and never once got a message odd to me
    2008-12-24 06:06 AM
  5. alek's Avatar
    it probably means you dont have unlimited data and visual voice mail. I would get unlimited data cuz the iphone eat data fast and you will be screwed like that one guy on youtube whose dataplan got deleted and he had to pay $4,000.
    2008-12-24 08:24 AM
  6. MikeYuse0406's Avatar
    To be on the safe side you better get the iPhone data plan. I've seen several individuals that have gotten high bills for data usage because AT&T was able to tell that they were using the iPhone without an iPhone data plan, which is against AT&T's terms and conditions. From the moment you inserted your SIM into the iPhone, AT&T receives a signal with the IMEI number of the device using the SIM. There automated service will automatically notice that you are using an iPhone without the iPhone plan.

    Some people have being lucky and AT&T has not YET bothered them. However, do not be fooled into believing that they haven't found out yet because they have. They usually just wait until your owed amount is excessive enough to hit you in the head with a 1,500 plus bill for data usage.
    2008-12-24 05:47 PM