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    I've gone through 3 TurboSIMs in the past 2 months for my iPhone 3G (current firmware 2.1). Each TurboSIM allows me to use my TMobile SIM to make/recieve calls and send/recieve texts, but the problem is that I can only get an EDGE connection for about 2 weeks and then it's done. I can still make/recieve calls, but no more EDGE connection. Then when I get a new TurboSIM and put it in, I get my EDGE back.

    Why does this keep happening with every TurboSIM I get?
    Is there something that I'm doing to cause this?
    If anyone can provide links to a TurboSIM that they've had no troubles with, I'd appreciate it.

    2008-12-10 03:11 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Unfortunately, thats the game when using a sim-adaptor.

    But, to help you with picking a better adaptor, you gotta tell us what you have tried.
    2008-12-10 04:43 AM
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    i don't know the brand or model names of the TurboSIM's, but here are links to the ones I got:

    I've bought one of these:
    Unlock iPhone 3G Turbo Sim Card Any GSM NO NEED TO CUT! - eBay (item 170265566229 end time Sep-30-08 17:09:46 PDT)

    and I've bought 2 of these:
    New IPHONE 3G 2.1 UNLOCK SIM TurboSim No Cut SIM GSM - eBay (item 110305965103 end time Nov-09-08 10:10:08 PST)

    after restarting my phone probably about 12 times today, taking out the SIM and putting it back in several times, all of a sudden EDGE is back on. not sure how long this will last though, so again any insight to a better TurboSIM is appreciated.
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    2008-12-10 06:33 AM
  4. xtasy127's Avatar
    did you try turning off 3g?
    2008-12-10 02:17 PM
  5. razor99x's Avatar
    did you try turning off 3g?
    of course. i get EDGE connectivity perfectly for at least 2 weeks (so obviously my settings are correct) and then it just stops and i can't get it back on that particular TurboSIM.
    2008-12-10 06:39 PM
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    Sounds like the SIM is being blacklisted.
    2008-12-11 12:07 AM
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    Next time you lose edge, do this:

    This is for a 3G (most likely applies to 2G's. But who uses turbo sims for 2G's these days?)

    I have been having a ton of trouble lately with my turbo sim, so have about 6 other people that I know. I have discovered a way that you can restore service and edge at anytime without a computer or cables or anything. All you have to do is follow these directions in the EXACT order posted below.

    When you notice loss of Edge or your phone is constantly looking for service or dropping calls, do EXACTLY the following:

    1.) Reset network services
    2.) IMMEDIATELY put phone into airplane mode
    3.) Go to Settings>General>Network settings> and turn on Data Roaming and disable 3G
    4.) click Cellular Data Network and type in the apn (Tmobile: epc.tmobile.com)
    5.) Restart the phone and let it boot up completely
    6.) Remove Airplane mode

    Phone should now be working perfectly as soon as it finds service. Repeat as necessary.

    Alternatively you can do the following to restore service without edge (sometimes the phone just wont work with edge)

    1.) Reset network services
    2.) IMMEDIATELY put phone into airplane mode
    3.) Enable wifi
    4.) Go to cydia and download sbsettings by big boss
    5.) open the sb control panel and disable Edge
    6.) Go to Settings>General>Network settings> and turn OFF Data Roaming and disable 3G
    7.) Go to Settings>General> turn OFF Location services
    8.) Restart the phone and let it boot up completely
    9.) Remove Airplane mode

    There it is. Hopefully this can help a bunch of people who are struggling with their turbo sims.

    Im thinking maybe this should be moved to another section, like unlocking or tmobile specific.
    2008-12-11 01:01 AM