1. baller2090's Avatar
    ok so hears the deal....

    i used to recieve a link with a username and password to viewmymessage.com whenever a mms message was sent to my iphone.

    as of recently i no longer gget that messgae or any notice that i was ever sent a mms.

    it is really frustrating and i need help to fix the situation.

    i have a iphone 2g
    jailbroken 2.2
    2008-12-10 09:38 PM
  2. CalJ7's Avatar
    Im so tired of trying to receive photos and jokes from friends and have to go to the website its a pain in the ***, although i cannot help you does anyone know of a way to avoid the website and just receive the damn picture?
    2008-12-14 10:58 PM
  3. caliplaymate's Avatar
    urgh me too!! i never get the message either! ugh.
    like a circus...
    2008-12-14 11:13 PM