1. destroyerofsensesdsf's Avatar
    So im running windows vista x64... i go setup an adhoc network thru the network setup wizard...

    All goes well until i connect the iphone to the network.

    The iphone connects to the network, however the computer does not recognize any devices connected to the network, and I am unable to get any tethering software to work with it since the computer will not recognize the connection.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

    I plan on attempting to create another adhoc network with one of my other laptops just to test out if its the iphone or the computer when i get a chance.

    Any help in the mean time would be appreciated!
    2008-12-11 06:11 AM
  2. Eric.Catalyst's Avatar
    i know this isn't any help... but the problem lies in your equation, not your solution...

    the part where it says vista64... is wrong...

    2008-12-11 06:46 AM
  3. millermil121's Avatar
    I don't that kind of experence.
    2008-12-11 07:17 AM