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    Nokia needed a high-end phone to limit Apple’s raid of market share in the smartphone. That device was announced today and while there was very little information on the specifications of this new phone, called N97, it is clear that it will take the iPhone’s goal to be a great Internet and communications device as well as the term “smartphone” to a higher level.
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    I believe Nokia is reliable but i doubt this is going to hurt the iphone at all. Wish the n97 the best though...
    2008-12-11 07:35 AM
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    Apple iPhone was put on the defense by Nokia N97
    .....and just last week Jesus and Elvis were spotted day trading AIG stock...........
    2008-12-11 07:39 AM
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    ^^^^^hahahahaha. just like the storm was to be the "iPhone Killer" whatever. ive seen and used the storm. it has copy and paste and i like the UI images but nothing near an iphone killer. plus the UI images are almost ported thanks to specworks nice try nokia. better luck next time
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    2008-12-11 09:18 AM
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    nothing can beat the OS of an iphone, much as well with its sleek and stylish looks, I own a 1st gen iphone, and almost had it for a year and its still an eye candy its the ultimate phone for me,the OS is very fast and reliable, not like symbian or linux(motorola) where they crash frequently or needs a reboot to refresh its content..IPHONE IS THE BEST!
    2008-12-11 12:06 PM
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    There are definitely some WTF?!? things about iphone like no stereo bluetooth, copy and paste, picture sms, but 3rd party apps have taken care of most of that. What is ironic is that the main reason people wont switch from windows to mac(3rd party support) is now the main reason people won't leave iphone for the next big thing.
    2008-12-11 06:01 PM
  6. reeko's Avatar
    i love how other phone launches use the whole "iPhone killer" thing to promote their products. none of them ever deliver.

    the N97 was announce so so long ago, still when the N96 was in development phase. my friend showed me his spanking new n96 the other day, with the 'stand' and everything and i laughed and said "wait for the n97 in about a month".

    when the N97 fails to deliver, all the anti-apple users will be boasting about the N98 with its "iPhone killer" specs

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    2008-12-11 10:16 PM