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    ok. again, i did the whole search thing and either found nothing or the info i need is burried deep in a thread that i cant find.

    with that being said.

    jailbroken 1st gen 8GB iPhone FW2.0.2

    background on situation: I bought a vista computer (big mistake) and it crashed beyond repair. no reinstall disks would work and had to send CPU back to hp. got the CPU back and had to reinstall iTunes. Obviously the new iTunes is a new account. I did all the authorizations and stuff... so all my bought apps can be uploaded from phones. so that isnt a problem.

    i wanted to upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.2 so i restored MY phone and upgraded. I merged info and did backups and stuff... no data was lost! weeee! I have not jailbroken yet. lets just call that phone 1.

    phone 2: my wife doesnt want to upgrade to 2.2 because she doesnt want to go thru the hastle of setting stuff up again. now! i need to sync her phone up to the new computer as well. i dont mind overwriting her music and photos because those will be replaced. What we dont want to happen is her to loser her notes and safari bookmarks and stuff. but i dont want her phone to add funky stuff to the computer.

    --long story short: im looking at the final "merge or replace info" screen. should i merge or replace? keep in mind that her phone doesnt have a backup on this computer and she doesnt want to lose her notes and stuff.

    i can see why this would be a null question. but if i lose her info again due to jailbreaking, updating, or re-syncing i am a dead man...

    thanx for the help


    UPDATE: Answer is just click merge info
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