1. itzbilly's Avatar
    Hi, until last night, I was able to use my iPhone completely fine. As of half an hour ago, though, when I press the PHONE button, it opens up to the number pad (I usually leave it on Recent Calls) and then it disappears. When I go into CONTACTS to try to counteract this and call people, the usual screen that shows MUTE, ADD CALL, CONTACTS, HOLD, etc etc doesn't show up.

    I also had a small problem with Venger Lite earlier today (it kept crashing when I tried to open it). It stopped crashing when I restarted my iPhone, but then this problem occurred. I have tried replacing my SIM card and have tried restarting the phone many times.

    I'm on iPhone 1G 8gb, jailbroken and unlocked 2.2.

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it and how I can fix it?

    (Hopefully without restoring the firmware again)
    2008-12-12 05:59 AM
  2. seann33uk's Avatar
    you tried removing venger lite? seeing as that was the possible beginning of the problem
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    2008-12-12 10:37 AM
  3. itzbilly's Avatar
    Yeah, tried that.
    2008-12-12 04:47 PM