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    I installed and use iReal SMS and have no real use for the SMS text app that comes with the iPhone. I want to back it up on my computer (which I know how to do) and delete it.

    The reason being is that the 2 apps are conflicting. On iRealSMS I went into settings and made the program into the default SMS app. When I get a new SMS the default SMS app pops up, i hit reply but nothing happens or opens.

    I know the problem is with the default SMS app that comes with the iPhone. When an SMS comes in with iRealSMS you get a pop up with 3 options. When I get an SMS now the default SMS app box pops up with only 2 option which is to reply or close.

    My question is the safety of removing the SMSapp. Anything I should look out for?

    It's a pain in the *** because some APPS like Loopt send a SMS to your phone and I never get it even though I do. I look in both apps and it's in neither but I still get a notification icon at the top. Sorry for making this long.
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    Because i use iRealsms all i do is poof the sms.app and i dont have the issue you're having im on 2.2 not sure if that matters or not but i dont think you have to delete it...
    2008-12-13 02:34 AM
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    I did that already. To use the APP "Loopt" it sends your phone a confirmation code that you have to input into the program. I get the message but when I look in iRealSMS it's not there. I unpoof SMS TEXT and it's not in there either. I have the little envelope notifation by the battery but the text is in neither. To get rid of the notification icon I have to clear the SMS from iRealSMS and the default SMS program.

    It's annoying and the reason I got iRealSMS is because you can reply without getting out the of APP you're in but when I get a new text message the default one is taking over even though I specified in iRealSMS to be the DEFAULT app for texting. Catch my flow?

    Ok. I said "what the hell" and SSH'd into my phone and copied the SMS folder to my desktop to back it up. I deleted the folder from through SSH and resprung my phone.

    When I get text messages it looks like it's still defaulting to the dafault iPhone sms app. I deleted it so I'm at a standstill.

    If anyone here uses iRealSMS, I don't get the 3 options you would see pop up on the screen when you get a text.

    When I get one I get option to reply or close, just like the default (Same Box, Same options? Any ideas?
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