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    i installed the app "**********" from cydia and was having sync issues with itunes. So I then removed it from the phone. I was having some troubles still after removing all the extras it put in cydia downloads folder so I restored the phone.......then from factory settings I quickpwn the phone just fine but cant sync with i restore two more times......i am now factory fresh and all works great except for itunes....i have not synced the phone yet either so all factory setting should be i go and check New Phone from the setup menu thinking maybe an old backup is the culprit.........try and sync, and is stuck on the sycing with contacts part of the will never go beyond that......even if i uncheck contacts or mail or calendar....each one does the same just hangs there.....i CAN however sync music, apps, podcasts, videos....just the INFO stuff hangs.......the phone is completely restored to factory settings and works just fine.....the app store is working fine, calls, texts, etc all working like a charm....i just cant you think there is anything in itunes that is messing it up?.....maybe a plist of some sorts?.......i deleted iTunes from my applications folder and then downloaded the latest from apple website and that didnt help...... thanks
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