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    Hi All
    Did recently have a problem with my 3g iphone was getting the 1604, took it back to apple and they exchanged it for a new one!!
    I'm in the uk. I have an O2 3g sim payg. I'm not signed into any O2 contract at all. My replacement iphone came with fw 2.2 already on it, so I had to quickpwn 2.2 it. I want to be able to use my iphone for internet browsing whilst out and about. Can anyone confirm if this is possible? I need to know:

    1. Can a o2 internet bolt-on be added?
    2. Are there any probs, with viewing net with a jailbroken phone...ie Well O2 know this and block my phone?
    3. Where would I be able to find the settings for interneting?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm a newbie to the 3g facility.

    Regards Pj
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    2008-12-19 10:33 PM
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    to use ANY O2 sim card in the uk you dont NEED to be jailbroken. ANY O2 sim card will work.

    first, to get the internet working on your PAYG sim card go to:

    Settings/General/Network/Cellular Data Network

    your settings for PAYG should be:

    APN: payandgo.o2.co.uk
    username: vertigo
    password: password

    this will get your internet working.

    the bolt on can be added to your PAYG account, i think it's 7.50 a month. i would recommend the "simplicity" tariff from o2. it is identical to the o2 35 iphone contract but only 20 a month. unlimited internet + free texts/mins and its a monthly rolling contract, so can cancel for free at any time.

    after activating your phone in itunes using your payg sim card, o2 have no way of knowing or caring that you are jailbroken, but just to clarify, you don't need to be jailbroken to use your sim card.
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    Reeko your a star for that reply. Thats the sort of reply that is really helpful.
    I wasnt really thinking about itunes, thought I'd read accessing the net through the iphone lets them know the imei number and will stop you.
    Your settings are correct....Thanks........although it took about 1.50 to check my email account on iphone as 3g was not available
    Yeah, was very confused to see I didn't need to jailbreak to use sim, as the 2g wouldn't allow that. With the JB the iphone would of been boring. Missing all the 3rd party apps etc in cydia.
    When I contact O2 to arrange bolt on or simplicity, they may ask what phone are you using or does this not matter when setting this up. Just want to be prepared for any outcome.
    Thanks again. Regards
    2008-12-20 01:13 AM
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    they introduce the carrier activation with the release of firmware 2.x. In america, any AT&T sim will activate your phone, in UK any O2 etc. etc. you can take the exact identical handset to any country in the world and activate it using any of countries dedicated carriers sim cards.

    when i had 2g i walked into the orange shop as i was unlocked with orange and said i needed a data bolt on and the rep said they couldnt offer me "EDGE" which was utter bullocks, then rubbed it in by saying "that's the bad thing about the iphone" (like they had any idea what they were saying?!), walked across the road to the o2 store and literally said, "mate, ive got an iphone, not on contract, can you give me anything with a data package?" and he just gave me the simplicity card, he didnt care.

    if they ask what phone your using just lie, they dont need to know. the carriers here in the UK arent as strict as in the US. they dont run checks on your IMEI and try and charge you iphone data tariffs or anything.

    the simplicity tariff is the best value for money, you can just go and pick up a sim card in store and sign up for that. if i wasnt so eager to get my 3g on launch day i would have held out, got it on PAYG and then got simplicity myself. ive got my dad a 3g for xmas and he will be using his simplicity tariff still.

    while you are checking on PAYG, i think the limit is 1.50 or 2.00 daily, if you reach this then the rest of the data you use for the day is free. Basically, a maximum daily charge of around 2.00 i think, although that's 60 a month so get that bolt on!!

    you will also get support from the apple store with ANY O2 sim card.
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    Yet again very helpful and detailed. Many thanks. I wont keep asking questions to you. I'll pop in O2 tomorrow and see what they got on offer. The 20 sounds really good, so looks like the one I'll be going for. Again many thanks....and merry xmas
    2008-12-20 02:46 AM
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    I've gone with the O2 online 20 simplicity monthly contract as suggested. My sim has arrived today. Can anyone else in the uk, give me the correct settings for the web browsering? I currently have the payg settings in there. Be very gratful. Thanks
    2008-12-23 09:54 PM