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    Hello everybody,

    since I've updated my Phone any banned my TurboSIM I use Ziphone (also tried iNdepence and more) BUT my Phone never becomes that stable than it used to be.

    If you feel the same feel free to join in and tell the world how much you hate the "Stuck on the Apple Logo" screen.

    I personally had installed 1.1.3/1.1.4 two times a day for the last week.
    Everytime I'm finished installing all the apps and games I like something terrible happens (boss tool categories seem's a bit unstable with 1.1.4) and I get back to the beloved apple logo. That never happened to me under 1.1.2… I could load all the crap out there on my phone and it still worked flawlessly.

    Again… if you expierencing the same 'misbehaviour' right now… join in.
    I really wonder if I'm the only one trying to get as much out of my iPhone as before and not have been successful.
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