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    How do I transfer it to my iPhone. I have 3g by the way.
    Oh, and I'm kind of new to this.
    2008-12-26 06:13 PM
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    Something? How about a theme

    How to SFTP Winterboard themes

    1. install OpenSSH
    (from list of apps available from Cydia)

    2. install winterboard
    (from list of apps available from Cydia)

    3. Get a SFTP program to SSH to your iphone from your computer
    PC WinSCP--Wiki Guide

    4. SFTP settings: Server will be your IP address of your iphone, User = root, password = dottie or alpine.
    (get your iphones IP address from Settings->Wifi->click the arrow next to the wifi network you are connected to. you'll then see your IP address)

    5. Winterboard themes go in /Library/Themes/ , this is the directory you'll place your themes. each theme should have it's own folder.

    Welcome to MMi
    2008-12-26 06:17 PM
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    I've learned from this post also
    2008-12-26 10:17 PM
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