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    30 hour wait,

    we arrived at 1pm on the 28th, and camped out.

    no one got there until 8:30 the next morning, more and more slowly came until 6pm with 68 in the line.

    first in my city to get it. the at&t manager threw confetti at me, and i was on all of our news channels, 6 times total over the 2 days.

    Local country radio guy pulled up ( we all groaned )
    He was like WHO WANTS A FREE IPHONE?
    we were like " we love country music! MEMEME!"

    he gave us a old phone
    with kicks 99 iphone writen on it. LAME ***.

    only 40 phones.

    some Indian woman tried to act stupid and cut.

    punishment? BACK OF THE LINE!

    1st day 1pm.

    2nd day at 5:57 (on my mbp)

    It was fun now its over and ive only tried to have sex with it 3 times.

    (im gonna figure it out SOON)

    glad to be joining the community, cant wait to hear other stories!)
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