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    Way to go Apple: Iphone sync deleted all my important data.
    Most of my important apps, all of my audio recordings from speakeasy voice recorder as well as the app (which I ve been trying in vain to get the recordins on my computer for a few months now....), everything at shazam and midomi, including the apps....and tons more...all my notes on the notepad app gone too. every important app is gone, and let alone the data, it seems I have to rebuy them for some reason....this is all happening to a an iphone that is in perfect shape, non jailbroken....

    It had been impossible to take a backup in vista since I got hte phone, so I guarded it like a hawk in case something went wrong.

    Today i tried with a clean vista intall for a a new backup...it crashed (mobile sync has stopped working) a few times, then upon another sync it said cannot read data from device, then in the final backup I got the above brillian the results....


    As you might imagine I am jailbreaking this thing asap and trying to find some undelete software I am competely and utterly at the moment...

    What is very, very perplexing is that while backing up I was asked to sync and itunes proceeded in telling me after transfering some of my apps on the computer, it proceed it to tell me it could not read from the disk (i.e. the iphone) and then randombly deleted some of the apps....that's apple's idea of a backup?????

    Can someone suggest a recovery utility?, Surely all the things that were deleted from the iphone they can't have been low level formatted, they must be some portion of them still there for me to recover in some way...

    t gets even more perplexing:
    While backing up I as asked do you want you apps tranfered and synced if they are not transfered then you will lose your data, and so I procceeded to say, ok transfer and sync them then. I now open the Mobile Applications folder in my itunes library and I see almost all the apps there have two or three multiple copies, eg. Runkeeper, Runkeeper 1, etc....What's going on here??? What the heck happened????

    But more importantly is there some software that I can use to see the flash drive of the iphone as is and recover some of my files?

    I have even found an old 2 gb backup that is most certainly incomplete (and I don't dare use anything by apple at the moment to restore it) but must contain some portion of my data, how can I access it?
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    Sorry bro, not gonna happen. You can try SSHing into the phone and taking a look around...there may be some remnant files, but I honestly dont think so. Not personal data anyways.

    And I understand how formatting varies.....but there has been no type of "recovery" software developed for the iphone.
    2008-12-28 06:17 AM
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    Hey bro, thanks for the great reply, best one I got anywhere I asked advice for my woes, despite the sombre tone. At apple's forums besides the sneering moronic remarks I got about this not being an apple issue but a vista one...they also informed me that: "There are programs out there that will let you recover data off of your iPhone." I am taking your word over these bozos of course. I suppose it has to do with the way that flash memory is deleted in terms of the recovery potential, or lack there of.

    Do you have any idea why itunes would have two or even three versions of almost all my apps in the library folder, and still, while "syncing" the phone delete these apps from it as if they couldn't be tranfered? It just spat out a message "can't read from device" and then it started oblitarating my data.

    In any case as whatever little luck I have would have it I did manage to find one back up of my data, one of these that went up to a point before the mobile sync process crashed, and I am trying to restore it. Is there any software I can use for vista besides that python app at google code that looks within, browses, the backup?

    Btw, let me get this straight, if apps are saved in their app folder in itunes, and so is music, what exactly does the back up feature back up, not the ipod songs, the data from the apps? It's confusing the way the've structured this thing, restriction upon restriction they 've made a very cumbersome way of getting your data in and out....it's good I waited and din't jailbreak to have the RELIABILITY and the apple warranty, realibility my as s. Jailbreak all the way is next...

    Again thanks for the reply.
    2008-12-28 10:21 AM