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    Guys and gals - seasons greetings to you all.

    I have a dilemma and wonder what you guys are going to do???

    I have my iphone running 2.1 FW using a AnyNetwork piggy back sim card on T-Mob UK and have been patiently waiting for the Dev team software unlock which we all know is coming very very soon!!!

    So having got myself all ready to unlock I recently got an email from Any Network notifying me that their new 2.2 FW compatible sim is shipping and they will also be supplying a flashing device to update the sim for future FW releases - and that is the rub!!! One thing they also mentioned is that the piggy back sims crucially don't invalidate any warranty because should the phone need returning to apple, you just remove the sim and that's that!!!

    Now the Dev teams unlock I assume will mean that the phone can't be reverted to stock should anything go wrong and also limits you to the 2.1 baseband which of course means that there is no benefit to any improvements to signal quality, call drops and Safari issues etc that FW updates are designed to fix (and have been a bit of a problem for me!).

    I know the Dev team don't approve of the piggy back sims but only because there are certain legal issues with using them rather than they don't work etc!! I'm sure the majority of the members here are using such devices with pretty good success overall so clearly they do the job pretty well.

    So what are you guys going to do - why would the software unlock be the better option assuming that the piggyback sim has been faultlessly working (bearing in mind new owners of iphones will have the new 2.2 FW already on the phone so could only use the sims anyway!

    If the Dev team were to release updated unlocks to cope with 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 FW's etc then this wouldn't be an issue for me (my deepest respect to the Dev team for the hard work that they've done on this - this post is in no way a criticism of what they've achieved).

    Thoughts and comments please!!!
    2008-12-28 10:40 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    If you've had the sim-adaptor working flawlessly than thats great. They are usually flaky and not "good" on the hardware.

    Yes, a software unlock is a better method, but like you said makes it a little more difficult when upgrading FW's etc.

    And you can still restore the phone to normal if needed to return for warranty work.

    So, if your sim-adaptor has been working perfectly, I would say dont fix something thats not broken.
    2008-12-28 10:45 PM
  3. finepics's Avatar
    Well it seems my question has been answered as the Dev team have been a bit crafty in making the unlock work on the full 2.2fw so no need for a custom fw and all the benefits of the baseband improvements - yeeha!!! Fantastic work fellas - what a shame there are so many moaners posting on their blog about the delays in releasing the tool!!! Who cares if it's a bit late when it does what it does!!

    Happy new year all.
    2009-01-01 03:44 PM