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    hello all. im not sure if anyone has discuss this yet. but im the type to customize everything i own. The last iphone i had i changed the case to black. it looks great. then sold it.

    well now with my new 3g. im interested in changing my black case into a red case. check this out:
    RED FULL HOUSING FACEPLATE COVER FOR iPHONE 3G 8GB 16GB - eBay (item 260334026495 end time Dec-29-08 23:05:00 PST)

    has anyone tried this. or has it been done. they also have a really cool midnight blue, and other colors. let me know what you all think.
    2008-12-29 05:27 AM
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    I've done this before with my Blackberry Curve, I went from gray to the red housing. I'm surprised it took the iPhone so long to start doing this.
    2008-12-29 05:44 AM
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    Click the link in my sig
    2008-12-29 06:14 AM
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    How hard is it to change the rear casing?

    Edit: Just read your other thread... not gonna take this bad boy apart just yet;
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    2008-12-29 06:15 AM
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    How hard is it to change the rear casing?
    I've disassembled/repaired these things several times....so I didnt think it was that hard at all. Basically, just use some patience and treat everything like glass

    After the screen assembly comes off, basically all the other internals sit inside the housing. The mainboard is cake to take out. The battery is glued to the housing and takes some "prodding" to get loose carefully, not to bend it or it will rupture. The dock assembly pulls out and your basically left with a bunch of little parts like the buttons, headphone jack, vibrator, flex cable, etc. Keep in mind theres also about 25 tiny screws and several flex cables to disconnect.

    Tools wise....just a #0 flat/phillips screwdriver, ipod opener (or razor + flathead) and some crazy glue and your good to go.

    I also re-used the chrome bezel off the old case (the one supplied was plastic) so I had to gently pry it off.....then take patience to glue it onto the new casing aligned right.
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    2008-12-29 06:23 AM