1. iarehenry's Avatar
    Hi, I just recently got a brand new refurbished apple iphone 4gb from the apple website and noticed that there was a light leakage on the screen. It's about the size of a . and it's on the left and right side. If I go to an apple store, will I get a replacement? Is it covered under warranty? What if they don't have anymore 4GB, will they give me the 8GB instead? Should I wait until my warranty is almost over and take advantage and get a replacement?
    2009-01-03 06:38 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Leakage? im assuming your talking about a bad pixel.

    If you just got it and something is wrong, they should warranty it (But then again, I dont know if the warranty is different on a Refurb). They will give you another 4gb, they dont run out.
    2009-01-03 06:40 PM
  3. iarehenry's Avatar
    No, not bad pixel. A light shining out, kind of like this one.


    But mine is not that bad, it's only a size of a . and I only have two of them. One on the left, one on the right.
    2009-01-03 06:46 PM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    Yes, that would be a bad pixel. If its the size of a "." its a bad pixel. The LCD isnt displaying the image in that spot, only the backlight is showing through.
    2009-01-03 06:48 PM
  5. iarehenry's Avatar
    Oh, my bad. On the other forums they call it light leaking so yeah. So it is covered warranty right? If it is, does it matter when I take it in? (Eg. I take it in when there is 3 month left of warranty)
    2009-01-03 06:51 PM