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    I have a few .mp4 movies and videos I want to put on my iphone manually b/c it won't work using itunes. I just need to know what folder to put them in. I am using PC suite and my firmware is 2.2.
    2009-01-03 08:03 PM
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    What problem are you having doing it via iTunes? I'll repost so I can SSH into my phone and find where you can put them at.

    *** ok, after searching through my phone I can't find it. However wouldn't you be able to SSH them into MXTUBE and watch them there? Just wondering if that would be possible. I wish DiskAid had a search feature. I'll play with it again, going to try and put my digital copy of The Dark Knight on it and see how that goes.
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    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-01-03 10:41 PM
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    I tried to ssh into mx tube and it won't show up in the video folder at all. I have downloaded and tried all the media players with no luck. They pretty much all crash. I am working with diskaid also trying to figure it out. Let me know if you get it working.
    The movie shows up in Itunes(version 8) which is what I am using, and can even play it in itunes. But when I try to "sync" it, it doesn't transfer the movie to the iphone.
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    2009-01-04 01:02 AM
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    Ooo.. This is what you do.

    Ok you say it shows up in iTunes right?

    Go to your iPhone section of iTunes, you know the part where it says: darkangel's iPhone or whatever you named it. Underneath it you'll see music, movies, etc. Open up the movies one under your phone and it should open another window that should be blank.

    Move that to the side and then go to the screen where you see the movies in iTunes. Drag the movies to the Movies section under your iPhone. That should work. I bought The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray and it came with a digital copy. I just transferred it to my iPhone this way.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-01-04 01:39 AM
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    Thanks, I will try that and let you know.

    ok, it still only sync's my contacts but not the movie, even though it is checked off. What are you using to play your movies with?
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    2009-01-04 01:55 AM
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    What? You have to make sure that you have the box checked off for: Manually Manage Music and Videos.

    Then try it.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-01-04 03:06 AM
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    I finally got it to work, I started using a different video converter and that did the trick. Thanks for all your help.
    2009-01-04 05:48 PM
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    I don't get it. If the movies were already in .mp4 format why would you need another converter?
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-01-04 06:26 PM
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    I couldn't figure that one out either, but it works and I'm Happy.
    2009-01-05 08:46 PM